Treat injuries and chronic problem areas with Localized Cryotherapy

Localized cryotherapy involves a targeted flow of very cold air (nitrogen vapor) used to lower tissue temperature in the selected area, usually to 10-15 degrees C or lower, depending on the body part and the purpose of the treatment. As the tissue warms, a powerful anti-inflammatory response is triggered. More effective, less painful, and longer lasting than conventional ice-packs!

Whole Body cryotherapy

What to wear

Loose-fitting clothes that will easily allow access to the area being treated.


Use localized cryotherapy treatment for:

  • Sports injuries – sprains, strains and muscle tears
  • Back pain – disc problems, sciatica, muscle spasm
  • Joint pain – neck, shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle problems
  • Rehab – Post-surgery rehabilitation


Recommended Protocol

Localized cryotherapy can be used whenever and as often as necessary, as opposed to many other treatments that require repetition to achieve a result, even a single localized cryotherapy treatment can be recommended and be beneficial.

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