Cryo T-Shock Body Sculpting is a painless, non-surgical alternative to liposuction. 

The process of this fat eliminating service tightens skin, smooths away cellulite, increases collagen and elastin while removing fat cells from different areas of the body.

Target areas include: arms, back, abdomen, love handles, buttocks, hips, and calves.

Cryo T-Shock Body Sculpting

What to wear

Loose-fitting clothes that will easily allow access to the area being treated.

What’s included

All packages include unlimited use of the Whole Body Cryotherapy, NormaTec, Infrared Sauna, Boa Max (Mr. Max), Vibration Plate (Mr. Shakey) and Kangen water.

Call for a complimentary T-Shock consultation 817-437-3540!

Benefits of Cryotherapy T-Shock: 

Fat Loss – Thermal shock reduces fat cells typically resistant to diet and exercise alone. By applying heat to relax fat cells through vasodilation, then administering an extended period of cold, fat cells die and drain through the lymphatic system.

Reduction in Cellulite Appearance – Thermal shock is a non-invasive procedure that impacts the causes of cellulite including protrusion of fat into the lower dermis. Using mechanical energy and micro-massage, thermal shock eliminates excess liquids through lymphatic drainage resulting in a smoother skin surface.

Pain Relief and Injury Recovery – In mere minutes, thermal shock has been shown to stimulate the natural process of pain reduction and activate anti-inflammatory processes.


Recommended Protocol

  • Minimum of 5-10 sessions for optimal results.


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