Rhonda’s Story

Meet Rhonda – maybe her story will resonate with you! Cryotherapy can help relieve your pain too.

“In November 2021, I came down with COVID. During the two weeks I suffered through the virus, I did a great deal of coughing and because of my fever I stayed very tense.

By December I was suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain on my right side. I had gone to the chiropractor several times for adjustments, then he suggested I needed to go to a specialist. I went to a shoulder specialist and had x-rays and an MRI done to see if it was my rotator that was giving me the pain. They only found a lot of inflammation and so he gave me a shot in my shoulder and suggested that I come back the following week and see how the shot helped. There was no relief and since I complained about my neck as well, he referred me to a spinal doctor to see if that was causing my pain.

After more x-rays and another MRI, I was told that I didn’t have anything wrong with my spine that would cause the pain. I was sent to physical therapy and was given a muscle relaxer and an inflammatory prescription to take. During physical therapy, I did everything they asked of me and what worked that day may not work the next or later in the evening. I would be so much in pain, I would lie in bed and cry.

I had several more appointments with chiropractor and acupuncture and had even tried the needling at physical therapy, but only to have more severe pain.

I lived 6 months with this pain, taking pills that were not helping and getting very frustrated.

The first of May I went back to the chiropractor and after giving me an adjustment, he suggested I try getting a massage. I scheduled an appointment with a massage therapist and, being in so much pain, she could not help me. She tried going over several things to try, which I had already done, and then she asked me if I had tried cryotherapy and recommended I call C3 Cryo Club. I had never heard of C3 but took their number down and called the next day.

I was in so much pain that when I arrived at C3 I was in tears. My arm would not move without giving me pain to the extinct of almost passing out. I did the first whole body cryotherapy treatment, and they also did a local on that area of my arm that was giving me so much grief, I went two more times on that Monday and Tuesday and then on Wednesday I went to the massage therapist again. This time she was able to work on areas she couldn’t even touch three days before that.

I was finally getting some relief! This is going on my second week of cryotherapy and I am sleeping better, not taking as much pain medicine, starting to use my arm again, and starting to feel like I am finally on the right road for my recovery.

I am so thankful that this information was shared with me and thankful to the staff at C3 Cryo Club for their professionalism in getting me back on the road of living my life without pain!”