Overall effects of BoaMax Compression Therapy

effects of BoaMax Compression Therapy

BoaMax Compression Therapy helps clean the lymph by removing waste product buildup. The treatment restores lymph viscosity allowing better flow. In most cases about 10 session are required to rehabilitate the lymph and microcirculation. We recommend three session per week with at least one day between sessions for the body to recover. Please be advised when starting a BoaMax Compression therapy program some detox symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and body pain may be experienced in which case an extra day or two break should be taken between sessions. Some individuals may not carry a significant amount of interstitial fluid, and therefore may not see significant losses (inches) in targeted areas. However there is still a benefit from removal of wasted and improved microcirculation. Once lymph is completely rehabilitated with sufficient movement, a clean diet (and in the absence of any other medical condition), the lymph should keep itself clean.

Clients report seeing the most difference in skin appearance and firmness, reduced cellulite, and increased energy. 

The following lists the overall effects of BoaMax Compression Therapy sessions on Lymph, Skin, and your Cardiovascular system. 

How BoaMax Effects your Lymphatic System:

  • With sequential pressure, interstitial fluid is pushed into the lymph vessels, and the lymph within the lymph vessels flows toward the lymph ducts in an upward direction. 
  • The greatly improved lymph flow allows for more lymph fluid to be filtered and this has a detoxifying effect on the system.
  • The removal of toxic interstitial fluid allows for an improved fluid balance within and outside cells, leading to improved cellular hydration. 
  • the lymph fluid is ultimately channelled back into the blood stream the kidneys filters the waste and regulates the water concentration of the blood. 
  • Excessive water would then be channelled with the waste products to the bladder, ready for removal through the urinary system. 

How BoaMax Effects your Cardiovascular System:

  • Water retention also has a compromising effect on blood vessels and capillaries. There could be other conditions, which can also cause microcirculation to become weak. When compression therapy is applied, significantly increased venous blood flows through the vessels and capillaries, having an expanding effect on them. If the treatment is repeated enough times, weak vessels and capillaries can be rehabilitated to their natural size. 
  • The treatment is therefore effective for heavy leg syndrome, where weak blood flow results in oxygen depletion withing the legs. 
  • The treatment reduces pathological elevated venous pressure. This means the pressure that builds up in the veins is reduced. 

How BoaMax Effects your Skin:

  • The BoaMax massage will allow the flow of freshly oxygenated blood to the skin layers. 
  • The skill will look better, feel better, will regain its tone and be firmer.
  • With regular treatments cellulite can be prevented and in some cases eliminated.

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