Our Story

Barbara & Lisa

Our passion is to help people restore health and wellness! We offer a variety of proven holistic modalities that can help you heal and thrive.

C3 Cryo club was founded by a mother-daughter duo who started business after Barbara, began experiencing residual hip pain and neuropathy in her feet due to the side effects of cancer treatment. A friend convinced Barbara to try whole body cryotherapy. Amazingly, her pain and neuropathy subsided, and she felt great!

She convinced her daughter Lisa, a registered nurse, to try it as well. Lisa’s muscle aches and pains from strenuous workouts became much more manageable with regular cryotherapy.

When Lisa’s son got a high ankle sprain playing high school baseball and was told by the orthopedic doctor he would be out of baseball for 5 weeks, he did cryotherapy every other day for 2 weeks and was back to playing a full game in 2 weeks!!!

We were sold! Cryotherapy works and we were on a mission to let others know about it. With the Lord’s guidance, we opened in September 2014.

Although Barbara passed in early 2022, she was integral in launching C3 and we know she continues to bless us from Heaven. 

Lisa has a nursing background (specializing in pediatrics), and earned her BSN, RN degree in 1993. She became interested in helping people with their health holistically while working as a school nurse. She has researched and gained knowledge in nutrition, supplements, and holistic approaches to maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the years.

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