Coach Carrizales’ Testimonial

Coach Carrizales Testimonial

“Within the last five years, I have had several of my players go to Cryotherapy for sessions when their bodies were sore or hurting. After their session, I could tell that their bodies felt better by the way they were able to perform at practice. I could tell that Cryotherapy was a huge part of their recovery.

In the summer of 2021, my daughter fractured her foot.
After several months in a boot and her foot being healed, she began to practice. I noticed that she ran with a limp. She would say that it didn’t feel right, but the X-Rays showed that she was healed. So I decided to sign her up for Cryotherapy. After the first session, she walked out and the first thing she said was, “my body feels amazing!” I continued to take her, and she lost the limp. She began to run like she did before her injury.

On a personal note, I have also tried Cryo. I had labrum surgery in college, and sometimes after throwing batting practice, my arm flares up. One particular time, I had a hard time recovering and couldn’t throw the next couple of weeks. So I also decided to give Cryotherapy a try. After the first session, I could tell it was working. After my second treatment, I was back throwing batting practice. I truly believe in cryotherapy and I highly recommend you trying it out for recovery.”

 – Coach Albert Carrizales, Head Baseball Coach, Crowley Eagles