"Quick and easy process! My daughter loves going here and it really helps with her soreness!"
- Carrie Cowan, 7/21/17, via Facebook

"I've always wanted to try this, and when the Groupon came out I bought 5 sessions. It's truly amazing. After the 3rd session, I felt so good. All the tightness I was experiencing in my legs was gone. The cold is very dry, so it's not pure torture like an ice bath. By the 3rd treatment 3 minutes in the cryo tank was a walk in the park. I count myself as a believer now."
- Dave B., 7/18/17, via Google

"Wonderful staff and very affordable! Great for student athletes!"
- Janine Austin Quinn, 7/17/17, via Facebook

"Very friendly staff helped calm my nerves during my first cyro session."
- Z.N., 7/7/17, via Signpost

"Really down to earth and professional people that have a genuine concern for your health."
- Mike Longacre, 6/29/17, via Facebook"

"I have enjoyed Cryo several times always leave feeling great - and not cold. If you have never tried it, it is very beneficial."
- Veronica Sites, 6/20/17, via Facebook"

"My husband and I LOVE our Cyro Family! We not only reap the benefits of better sleep, less arthritis pain, and for him lower blood pressure, but we also have gained great friendships!"
- Lori Hurst, 6/1/17, via Signpost

"My grandson is in drumline with knee problems and was able to do several treatments before going to a world championship (which he won) and helped tremendously ."
-Anonymous, 4/28/17, via Signpost

"Love the beginner class and Dedra. Laiya subbed one Tuesday and enjoyed her also. I liked how she came around to each of us and helped with the poses and she was very encouraging. "
- Laurie Seidel, via Signpost

"I love this place! The owners, instructors, and employees genuinely care about your health and well-being."
- Sharon Craig, via Signpost

"I appreciate the kindness shown and gracious giving of free Kangen water! Barbara, Lisa and the employees are friendly and helpful! Such a great place to visit!"
- Karen Owens, via Signpost

"Helped us in one visit, ladies are friendly and comforting."
- Bree Brown, via Signpost

"C3's customer service is amazing! It's all about the details and making the customer feel like everything is about them. Everything is done with the customer experience in mind!"
- David Wardlaw, via Signpost

"Cryotherapy is the best thing that's ever happened to me. Other than diet and exercise cryo has had the biggest impact on my health ever. It has reduced my inflammation physically and mentally given me more clarity and a better over all mood. I feel 15 yrs younger at least. My energy level and endurance and recovery time are off the charts. I feel I can coach and wrestle another 10 yr min thanks to freezing and squeezein. And the people make you feel as good as the treatments. Win Win."
- Coach Leon BeCoats Jr., 2017, via Facebook

"Loved the CryoTherapy, Normatec compression therapy and having access to Kangen Water! Also the staff is very knowledgeable, helpful and just delightful!"
- Sherri Scott, 2017, via Facebook

"I really enjoy this place. They are SUPER FRIENDLY. Even the people who are waiting there turn! We sit, laugh, talk, and share! My kind of place. The Normatec is great and I never thought I would enjoy freezing!! Looking forward to more visits!"
- Malaika Warren, 2017, via Facebook

"Wife and I visited for the first time this past Saturday for cryotherapy and we loved it! Very friendly staff who made us feel very comfortable. We plan on returning soon!"
- Jermaine Marshall, 2017, via Facebook

"I used to hate "exercise". But once you begin yoga here, along with the love, commitment, and dedication of these instructors, it is not exercise but a personal journey as important as food and water. It's become a necessity for my body as much as my mind and is not a luxury, but a necessity. Their staff is also so loving and caring. Wild horses couldn't drag me away."
- Kelly Shea, 2017, via Facebook

"Excellent Yoga instructions, very unique style. A great workout."

- Kathleen Derogati, via Signpost

"Cryo and Normatech have helped me with my neuropathy and getting my energy back after chemo. Love this place and the people are wonderful.
  - Amy Rouse, 2016, “5 Stars”, via Facebook

“I love this place. I've been going here for over a year. I've seen them grow and it's completely worth the time. All 3 minutes. A great atmosphere and all they want is for their customers to better themselves, With essential oils, yoga and in so many other ways.”
 - Kay Watkins, 2016, “5 Stars”, via Facebook

“I love this place! Everyone is so friendly and you always leave feeling so much better! I love the Kangen water they also offer! The Cryo and the Kangen water has made such a difference in the way myself and my husband feel. My mother also visits frequently. She loves to freeze and then relax in the NormaTec lounge chairs, which also helps with her neuropathy in her feet. We always look forward to our visits at C3 Cryo Club! It has so many benefits for your health. Check it out! It's absolutely amazing.”
- Karen Webb, 2016, “5 Stars”, via Facebook

“Went here for beginners yoga and absolutely loved the experience. I've enrolled to attend weekly. The staff is friendly and it's a very welcoming environment.”
- Carrie Lonergan, “5 Stars”, via Facebook

“I ♡ this place! I was in a major car wreck three years ago and after numerous surgeries, steroid shots and nerve ablations...I love being able to actually heal naturally.”
- Heather Evans, “5 Stars”, via Facebook

“Such a great place with even better people! They are helping me fight my autoimmune disease naturally like I want!”
- Becca Steele Baker, “5 Stars”, via Facebook

"The kind, caring staff at C3 Cryo Club genuinely wants to help each individual meet their health goals. The yoga instructors are the best I've ever experienced, and cryotherapy is a great way to help the body reduce inflammation and give a boost of energy. I would highly recommend C3 Cryo Club!"
- Jose Valdez, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"C3 Cryo Club helped me to be pain free! The staff is friendly, kind and compassionate. They treat you like family!"
- Debbie Martin, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"Lisa and staff are wonderful. Always having new, fun things and really care about your wellness and well being. Both teachers I have had for yoga have been amazing. Wonderful place!"
- Mandy Dunavin-Contino, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"Wonderful staff, cryotherapy works so much better than pain medicine. Love it!"
 - Stacy Neubauer, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

“It is the Best. I freeze twice a day. Julie & Barbara are the greatest. I feel awesome after I freeze. More energy and sleep better. Highly recommend it.”
 - Gordy Jacobson,  2016, "5 Stars" via Google

“Cryo for me has been a pain reducing game changer.”
 - Dale Hovland,  2016, "5 Stars" via Google

“I love this place!”
 - Brooke Wilson,  2016, "5 Stars" via Google

“The only way to start your day...I freeze every morning!!!!”
 - Jamie Brockway,  5, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

“Love the hot yoga classes and all of the staff is super friendly!!!”
 - Felicia Cornett, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"This is the best kept club around! Not only do you get to reap SO many healthy benefits , you develop friendships with the owners, staff & other clients! Run don't delay & get your freeze on!"
 - Molly Pruitt, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"What an experience. What a wonderful staff especially Julie. They are all very knowledgeable and make it enjoyable and fulfilling . All their programs are beneficial from the Cryo freeze, Yoga and Raindrop treatment."
 - Paul Brockway, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"The staff is so helpful and friendly. Freezing is the best thing I've done for myself. I recover from workouts faster. Lisa and Barbara run an amazing business!"
 - Julie Wofford, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"There is something for everyone here! The staff is amazing and supportive. I always leave feeling great!"
-Tiffany Hart Truitt, 2016, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Well, I had to try it, and I love it!!! So much relief in my hands and the the rest of my body."
 - Cynthia MacElvaine Newell, 2016, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Cyrotherapy is great for recovery from injury and hard workouts. I use it in my regime to stay on the healthy path! The staff at C3 Cryo Club is friendly and absolutely fantastic! You're always welcomed with a smiling face. My wife does yoga there and loves it! I highly recommend C3 Cryo Club to my patients as well."
 - Dr. Joseph Thomas, February 9, 2016, "5 Stars" via Google

"[Cryotherapy] greatly decreased my pain! I feel so energized after every session!"
 - Janie Thompson Wolfe, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Almost 2 years of Achilles pain and PT...5 cryo treatments did a better job! My skin is clearer, and I have more energy too! This stuff works! They are the most lovely ladies running this business! Try it!"
 - Maria Zangan Moore, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"I feel so much better since I've started freezing! More energy, better sleep, less pain. Thank you for being so kind and friendly. Also love my naps in the leg NormaTech (smile)."
 - Terry Boyer, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Love it....3 minutes every moring. Great way to start off my day!"
 - Jamie Brockway, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Love this place! We feel amazing and the owners and all the ladies that work here are so sweet! We highly recommend checking them out!"
 - Julie Fowler, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Went yesterday the staff was amazing I will definitely be going back."
 - Craig Schiell, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"I absolutely love freezing, and this place is amazing!!!!"
 - Amber Brothers, 2015, "5 Stars" via Facebook

"Great experience and Barbara, Lisa and the rest of the staff are super friendly and make you feel very comfortable!"
 - Gilda Garrett, 2014, "5 Stars" via Facebook
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