I am claustrophobic, can I do cryotherapy?

Absolutely! The door on the cryochamber is never locked and you can step out at any moment. Also, the cabin moves you up so that your head is above and outside the cabin at all times.

Can I catch a cold from doing whole body cryotherapy?

No. The exposure to the cold from the cryotherapy actually makes your internal body temp rise for a short period of time. This actually can help you fight off a cold.

How many times can I freeze in a day? How many in a week?

To gain the most out of your Whole Body Cryotherapy session it is only necessary to come once per day. Although you are welcome to freeze daily, two to three sessions per week is sufficient for maximum recovery.

Has Whole Body Cryotherapy been tested?

Yes. There has not been a lot of research done here in the United States because Whole Body Cryotherapy is just now starting to reach the US. However, research and studies have been done in Europe for more than thirty years.

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