Localized Cryotherapy for facial rejuvenation, reduction of inflammation, sports injuries and targeted healing.


"Tight & Bright" Cool Facial

Using a controlled jet of super-cooled air, targeted facial cryotherapy works by contracting and then dilating the blood vessels in the face, scalp and neck, improving the supply of oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin’s surface. Facial cryotherapy is a pain-free, non-invasive, quick and relaxing way to firm the skin and boost radiance. It is even beneficial for skin conditions like Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis and Dermatitis. 


Stimulating the production of collagen gives skin a tighter, more defined look; smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles; reducing the appearance of blemishes; flushing away toxins; and producing a fuller, more youthful complexion.

Localized Cryotherapy Treatments

Treat injuries and chronic problem areas with local cryotherapy  - a controlled jet of super cooled air to targets specific areas – for example the shoulder, knee or back. This concentrated cooling action reduces the skin temperature to around 5ºC for around 10 minutes and, as the tissue warms, a powerful anti-inflammatory response is triggered. More effective, less painful and longer lasting than conventional ice-packs, local cryotherapy can be effective for:

Sports injuries – sprains, strains and muscle tears
Back pain – disc problems, sciatica, muscle spasm
Joint pain - neck, shoulder, knee, elbow and ankle problems
Rehab - Pos-surgery rehabilitation


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